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Steyaert Psychotherapy offers marriage and couples therapy in person and virtually across Ontario. We offer dozens of therapeutic techniques and modalities tailored to each couple’s needs. Contact us today if you and your loved one are interested in our couples counselling services.

Couples Counselling in Southern Ontario

If you have difficulties in an intimate relationship and efforts to resolve them with your partner aren’t working, Steyaert Psychotherapy for couples is an option worth considering. Couples therapists are specially trained to help couples talk through problems and conflicts that can arise in relationships.

Couples Therapy is for Everyone

Our couples therapists, who work in-person in Burlington, Ontario and London, Ontario, and remotely via phone and video conferencing, have helped couples resolve the most challenging issues. From drugs, alcohol and infidelity to people simply looking to take their relationships to the next step, there are countless reasons to look into couples counselling. But success in the relationship is possible when everyone’s committed to putting in the work.

Marriage Counselling for all Relationships

Steyaert Psychotherapy offers relationship counselling for all relationships that want to improve. We proudly accept the following:

  • Same-Sex Relationships
  • Blended Families
  • Adoption
  • Open Relationships
  • Mixed-Race Marriages
  • Transgender or Non-Conforming Marriages
  • Second Marriages

What Type of Therapy is Best For Your Relationship

Steyaert Psychotherapy offers various therapeutic techniques and modalities, including emotionally focused therapy, codependency, and imago therapy. After an initial consultation, our relationship therapists can make a recommendation based on your marriage or relationship’s specific challenges and goals.

What to Expect From Marriage Counselling

Embarking on the journey of couples counselling can often feel like a daunting step, filled with uncertainty and apprehension. It’s natural to have reservations when seeking professional help to address the challenges that relationships can present. Rest assured, Hannah, our experienced psychotherapist, is here to provide the guidance, support, and understanding you need to navigate the path towards a healthier and happier partnership.

An Approachable and Empathetic Space

At our counselling practice, we strive to create a warm and welcoming environment. Hannah understands that every relationship is unique, and every individual has their own concerns, fears, and hopes. She approaches her work with a deep sense of empathy, helping you feel comfortable to open up and share your thoughts and emotions. You’ll find no judgment here, only a compassionate ear and a safe space for dialogue.

Hannah’s Experience with Marriage Counselling

Hannah has worked with countless couples throughout her career. While she may not possess specific qualifications in marriage counselling, her extensive experience and passion for helping couples are her greatest assets. She has seen couples from all walks of life, and she brings that wealth of knowledge into her practice. Her results speak for themselves, as she has helped many couples rediscover the joy in their relationships.

Hailey’s Experience with Marriage Counselling

Hailey has worked with countless couples throughout her career. While she may not possess specific qualifications in marriage counselling, her extensive experience and passion for helping couples are her greatest assets. She has seen couples from all walks of life, and she brings that wealth of knowledge into her practice. Her results speak for themselves, as she has helped many couples rediscover the joy in their relationships.

What to Expect

During your marriage counselling journey with Hannah, you can anticipate several outcomes:

Improved Communication:

One of the cornerstones of a healthy relationship is effective communication. Hannah will work with you to enhance your communication skills, enabling you to express your thoughts, feelings, and needs more clearly.

Strong Conflict Resolution:

Every relationship faces conflicts, but it’s how you handle them that matters. Through counselling, you’ll learn constructive ways to resolve disagreements and conflicts, strengthening the foundation of your partnership.

Emotional Intimacy Improvement:

Emotional intimacy is essential for a close and loving relationship. Hannah will guide you in exploring and nurturing emotional connections with your partner, fostering a deeper bond.

Identifying and Addressing Underlying Issues:

Many relationship challenges have underlying causes that may not be immediately apparent. Hannah will help you uncover and address these root issues, allowing for lasting, positive changes in your partnership.

The Journey Ahead

Your journey with Hannah is about rediscovering the joy and fulfillment that your relationship can offer. It’s about breaking down the barriers and hesitations that might be holding you back from seeking help. With an approachable and empathetic tone, she’ll support you every step of the way.

Steyaert Psychotherapy’s Approach to Marriage Counselling

Most approaches are short-term and focus on finding a solution to negative patterns that have developed in the relationship. Our client’s concerns are addressed, goals are identified, and progress is made by integrating therapeutic modalities and techniques to meet your distinct needs in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Contact Steyaert Psychotherapy for Couples Counselling Today

Starting marriage counselling is a step towards a healthier, happier relationship. With Hannah’s experience and compassionate approach, you can look forward to a more profound connection with your partner, improved communication, and a strengthened bond that will carry you through life’s challenges.

If you and your loved one believe that we are the right fit for you, then book an appointment, or fill out our contact form, and we will be happy to start helping you achieve your marriage goals.

Commonly Asked Questions

When Should We Consider Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy can benefit couples facing various challenges, such as communication problems, frequent conflicts, trust issues, infidelity, intimacy issues, or significant life transitions. If you and your partner are experiencing persistent difficulties that impact your relationship, it may be helpful to seek professional support.

How Does Couples Therapy Work?

In couples counselling, the therapist creates a safe and neutral space for both partners to express their thoughts, emotions, and concerns. The therapist helps facilitate open and honest communication, identifies patterns of interaction, and guides the couple toward understanding each other better. The goal is to improve relationship dynamics, resolve conflicts, and develop healthier ways of relating to one another.

How Long Does Couples Therapy Usually Last?

The duration of marriage counselling can vary depending on the specific issues being addressed and the couple’s progress. Generally, couples therapy can range from a few sessions to several months. The therapist will assess your unique situation and collaboratively determine the appropriate length of therapy with you.

Can Couples Therapy Save a Relationship On The Brink Of Separation Or Divorce?

Couples counselling can be effective in helping couples who are facing significant relationship challenges, including those considering separation or divorce. It provides an opportunity for partners to address underlying issues, learn healthier communication strategies, rebuild trust, and explore options for reconciliation. However, the outcome ultimately depends on the couple’s commitment and willingness to engage in the therapeutic process.

How Do We Choose The Right Couples Therapist?

Choosing the right couples therapist is crucial for a positive therapy experience. Look for a therapist who specializes in marriage counselling and has relevant experience and qualifications. It’s important to find someone both partners feel comfortable with and trust.

Is Couples Therapy Confidential?

Yes, like individual therapy, couples counselling is generally confidential. Therapists are ethically and legally bound to maintain client confidentiality. However, there may be limitations to confidentiality, such as when there is a risk of harm to oneself or others. Your therapist will discuss the boundaries of confidentiality during the initial sessions.

Can We Use Our Insurance to Cover Couples Therapy Expenses?

Many extended healthcare plans in Ontario provide coverage for couples therapy. Check with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of your coverage, including reimbursement procedures, any deductibles or copayments, and the number of sessions covered.

How Do We Know Couples Therapy is Working?

The effectiveness of couples therapy can be measured by improvements in communication, conflict resolution, and relationship satisfaction. While progress may vary for each couple, therapy can be considered successful if both partners feel more understood, experience reduced conflict, and develop healthier relationship patterns. Regular check-ins with the therapist can help track progress and make necessary adjustments to the therapy approach.

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